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Town Hall.png

The Town Hall block functions as an auto-assignable upkeep point for its owners NPCs.

NPC Interaction[]

NPCs in range will automatically select the closest Town Hall as their upkeep point if no Upkeep Orders are present. The Town Hall has a modest sized inventory for storing food for NPC upkeep. Command Batons can be used for setting NPC's upkeep halls as well as Upkeep Orders


The Town Hall additionally serves as a death tracker for any NPCs that died nearby. Players may view this list by pressing the ‘Death List’ button in the Town Hall GUI. The list may be cleared out manually by pressing the ‘Clear List’ button in the death list GUI. Priests can use this death list to track potential resurrection targets, so do not clear the list if you want to resurrect any of the NPCs on it.


To craft the Town Hall blocks you need to have previously researched Leadership

To craft the block it self you need to use the Engineering Station.