The Routing order, is a slip of paper that tells the Courier where to go, what to collect, and when to collect it.

Routing order.png

To be able to create a 'Routing Order', you must first research Trade.

Making the Routing order:

To create a Routing Order you must use the Engineering Station. The recipe is as follows:

Routing order recipe.png

Using the Routing order:

To create the route you want your Courier to follow, you must first press 'Z' (by default) on a block that you want to include in the route. This will then create a white outline with a number, around the block. You then move onto the next block and press 'Z' and so on so fourth.

Once you have added all the blocks that you wish to include in the route, you can then right-click when holding the Routing Order, to add filters for the blocks and to tell the Courier when to collect items and when to deposit items.

Routing interface.png

The first button within a route, controls the direction of the block, where the courier will be taking (or giving) the item.

The second button will tell the Courier what to do when they reach the block. The options are:

  • Fill target block with items.
  • Fill Courier's inventory with items.
  • Deposit only filtered items.
  • Take only filtered items.
  • Deposit items not in the filter.
  • Take items not in the filter.

The remove button will remove a route.

You must put in an item within the item filters, in order for the courier to know which items they are taking (or giving).

Once the courier has fulfilled a route, they will move on to the next one, routes are taken from top to bottom.

Pressing the + and - keys will move a route up and down the list.

P.S (From testing it appears that you need to have a block in which you can either take an item or deposit an item, otherwise the Courier will become 'stuck' and randomly move around.)

Note: It is sometimes unable to access farms.

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