Minecraft Ancient Warfare Wiki

A Miner is a variation of the Worker NPC. A Miner is created by putting a pickaxe into the sword slot of the Worker GUI. The quality of the pickaxe affects the speed of the miner, but they may be unable to mine certain blocks, like obsidian. They also cannot remove liquids and will stop working whenever there is Lava or Water inside their Boundary. Blocks from other mods may not be mined and may be left untouched in mine shaft. It is recommended to give miners a stone pick, as it is an infinitely farmable item and pickaxe quality does not greatly affect mining speed.

A Miner will work at the Quarry and Construction Site.

In the event of danger, the miner will go to the Town Hall. When at night or when it is raining the miner will return to his home point.

A Worker changed into a Miner