Minecraft Ancient Warfare Wiki

Ancient Warfare is a pretty big mod with a lot of moving components to explore; however, this guide will help you get off your feet and summarize the vast amount of information in bite-sized chunks. If you ever need help understanding certain items or blocks, it is best to check out the Treatise on Principles of Governance or turn to the Discord mod for help.

To start, here are the three items that you will base your immediate foundation on:


Most items in Ancient Warfare will require research before you are able to craft it. To accomplish this research, you must:

  • Bind the Research Book to yourself by right-clicking while looking at nothing.
  • Put the Research Book in the top-left corner slot of the research table then click on the "Research Queue" button.
  • A window with all available research will appear. By pressing the "+" button next to a research will add it to your queue and can be removed by pressing the "-" button.
  • Add the corresponding items into the input grid (shown in the needed grid) and wait a few moments for the research to take place.
  • If a research your require doesn't show up you will likely have to research its requirements first.

Research Tree as off version 2.7.0

Crafting the Researched Items[]

After researching the various projects, you can craft the items in an Engineering Station. To use the Engineering Station, you have to place a Research Book from the Research Bench in the top-left corner of the Engineering Station, which will allow you to craft all the items you have researched.


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