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Requires: Agriculture

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The Crop Farm is a simple machine which can plant and harvest crops within its bounds. The Crop Farm can work with a variety of mods; however, there are some mods which may not work. Experiment and see what works best.

Main GUI. Harvested items top. Seeds middle. Bone Meal bottom.

The main GUI has a few different sections: Harvested resources are placed into the Top inventory area, Seeds are collected in the middle Resources area, and Bone Meal goes in the bottom Special Resources slots. It also has a Sides Button and a Bounds button

5x5 active area

The bounds GUI features a blue square showing your Crop Farm, a red square showing your active area and buttons showing North, South, East, West, X-Size and Z-Size buttons. Clicking on a space in the red square will deactivate that block within the bounds.

The North, South, East, West buttons change where the bounds are located compared to the Crop Farm itself and the Sizing buttons change the width and length of the bounds to suit the farm.

The Z-Size adjusts the boundary line from left to right when facing the Farm and the X-Size adjusts the size from across the Farm.

5x5 with black inactive area

It's maximum size changes depending on the bounds upgrade currently equipped on your Crop Farm, but the default is 5x5 and can be upgraded with Medium Bounds Upgrade or Large Bounds Upgrade.

GUI-Crop Farm sides.png

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Oak Wood Plank

Wooden Gear Set

Oak Wood Plank

Oak Wood Plank

Iron Hoe


Oak Wood Plank

Wooden Gear Set

Oak Wood Plank

Crop Farm

Automation[edit | edit source]

If supplied with power through one of the generators, it will replant and use Bone Meal within it's bounds.

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